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Commercial Services

Protocol Building Services brings over 30 years of experience in commercial roofing to your project. Using a combination of detailed observers, modern technology, and testing, Protocol can meet all your roof consulting and inspection needs. Give us a call to get your commercial work underway.
Roof Evaluation
Inspection of existing roof systems to evaluate viability and provide guidance on continued service of roof, as well as estimated remaining service life.
QARO (Quality Assurance Roof Observation)
Perhaps the highest return on investment for a commercial roof, QARO service places a roof consultant on site while the roof is being installed. Ensuring all phases of the project are completed in full compliance with the specifications and details provides the owner the highest quality roof system and a strong control over change orders.
RAM (Roof Asset Management)
Evaluation and management of an owners inventory of roofs. Identifying those in need of immediate replacement or repair as well as 5, 10 and 20 year outlook. A data base of roofing assets helps maximize life span of roofs and allows planning (and budgeting) for future roof replacements.
Leak Investigation
Use of infrared and other nondestructive technology to indentify areas of wet insulation, determine source of water entry and required corrective action.
Insurance Investigations
Evaluation of roof systems for identification of damages caused by storm, fire or other covered event.
Roof Design and Detailing
Working with design team in development and review of roofing project specifications and details.
Project Management
Owner representation and oversight throughout roofing project.
Expert Testimony
Providing research and expertise in preparation for litigation as well as testimony during trial or arbitration.
Shop Drawings
Generation of shop drawings for contractors, as well as review of shop drawings for design team/owner.
Forensic Roof Investigation
Investigation of failed or damaged roof system with the purpose of identifying possible cause or causes, extent of damage, and required corrective actions.